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Why should I join LP University?

LP University is a community-driven discord server that educates on providing liquidity to Thorchain pools. It acts as a “one-stop” shop for community members to learn the in’s and out’s of optimally engaging with the Thorchain network. We encourage anyone who is interested in maximizing their yield in Thorchain liquidity pools to join.

Is there any monthly fee?

No. LP University doesn’t charge any monthly fee. Users can join for free to get access to the content provided.

Who is LP University for?

Anyone and everyone who is interested in providing liquidity to Thorchain pools is welcome at LP University. We know that “LP’ing” might not be an easy process for newcomers to understand, so we provide a basics course for them. We also know many knowledgeable veterans who want to learn to advanced tricks and discuss strategic plays, so we have excellent TA and risk management strategies for them. Essentially, whatever level of knowledge you may have, we’ve got you covered.

How can I benefit from joining LP University?

Join LP University to get the access to learning resources, strategies, Daily charts update and more. In all likelihood, applying the knowledge you learn here will help you navigate pools in a way that will maximize yield, mitigate risk, and help raise the deterministic price of rune!

Do I have to pay taxes when I enter Liquidity Pools?

At LP University we provide a section for this matter. Our in-house expert will be happy to answer your concerns.